AVIAN - University of Florida

   Peer-reviewed Journal Publications

  • Under Review
    • Pourmehrab, M., Emami, P., Martin-Gasulla, M., Wilson, J., Elefteriadou, E., Ranka, S., Simulating Intersection Performance under Traffic of Automated and Conventional Vehicles, for submission to ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering.
    • Pourmehrab, M., Elefteriadou, L., Ranka, S., Martin-Gasulla, M., Optimizing Signalized Intersections Performance under Conventional and Automated Vehicles Traffic, for submission to Transp. Res. Part C Emerg. Technol (TRC-D-17-00887R2, arXive link).
  •  2018
    • Li, Z., Pourmehrab, M., Elefteriadou, L., Ranka, S., Intersection Control Optimization for Autonomous Vehicles Using Genetic Algorithm, accepted to ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering (TEENG-4743R2).
  •  2017
    • Letter, C., Elefteriadou, L., 2017. Efficient control of fully automated connected vehicles at freeway merge segments. Transp. Res. Part C Emerg. Technol. 80, 190–205. doi:10.1016/j.trc.2017.04.015
  •  2014
    • Li, Z., Elefteriadou, L., Ranka, S., 2014. Signal Control Optimization for Automated Vehicles at Isolated Signalized Intersections. Transp. Res. Part C Emerg. Technol. 49, 1–18. doi:10.1016/j.trc.2014.10.001

   Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings

  • Under Review
    • Emami, P., Pourmehrab, M., Martin-Gasulla, Elefteriadou, E., Ranka, S., A Comparison of Intelligent Signalized Intersection Controllers Under Mixed Traffic, for submission to IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society Conference Management System.
  • 2017
    • Pourmehrab, M., Elefteriadou, L., & Ranka, S., 2017. Smart intersection control algorithms for automated vehicles. In 2017 Tenth International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3) (pp. 1-6). IEEE.
    • Omidvar, A., Pourmehrab, M., Emami, P., Esposito, J., Letter, C., Elefteriadou, L.,  Crane, C., Ranka, S., 2017, Deployment and Testing of Optimized Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Trajectories at a Closed-Course Signalized Intersection. Transportation Research Board’s 97th (link).
    • Emami, P., Elefteriadou, L., Ranka, S., 2017. Tracking Vehicles Equipped with Dedicated Short-Range Communication at Traffic Intersections. Seventh ACM International Symposium on Design and Analysis of Intelligent Vehicular Networks and Applications (DIVANet’17).

   Survey of Recent Literature

  • Pourmehrab, M., 2015. A Survey on the Integration of Autonomous, Automated, Connected vehicles with an Intersection.