AVIAN - University of Florida

Intelligent Intersection Controller

For traditional, connected and automated vehicles

This is the output of an National Science Foundation (NSF) and Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) supported project for developing methods and tools that jointly optimize signal control and vehicle movement to improve mobility and safety by exploiting capabilities of connected and automated vehicles. Connected vehicles are those that can communicate with surrounding vehicles and the infrastructure using wireless communication. Automated vehicles are those that, in addition to communicating, they can operate without a human driver. Our smart infrastructure-based approach uses LIDAR, RADAR, and wireless communication to interact with the connected vehicles and the infrastructure, while paying attention to the behavior of traditional vehicles. This research is supported by NSF under grant award 1446813. This research is also funded by FDOT under Contract BDV31-977-45 and Contract BDV 31-977-109. We are grateful to Econolite and the City of Gainesville for their assistance during the course of this research.