AVIAN - University of Florida


AVIAN (Autonomous Vehicles at Intelligent Intersections and Advanced Networks)

A multidisciplinary team of researchers from academia and industry has been developing methods and tools for jointly optimizing signal control and vehicle movement to improve mobility by exploiting capabilities of connected and autonomous vehicles. Connected vehicles are those that can communicate with surrounding vehicles and infrastructure using wireless communication.  Autonomous vehicles have the ability to operate without a human driver using a variety of sensors such as GPS, lidar, radar, and smart cameras, as well as terrain information.  They are also capable of communicating with infrastructure as well as surrounding vehicles.  It is highly likely that in the not too distant future, both types of vehicles will operate side by side in large numbers on our nation’s highways, alongside conventional vehicles that do not have their capabilities.

This research is supported by National Science Foundation under grant award 1446813. This research is also funded by FDOT under Contract BDV31-977-45. We are also grateful to Florida Econolite, and City of Gainesville for their assistance during the course of this research.